DevX, or Developer Experience, is my focus. Enhancing the developer experience has a bright future. There are several clues that support this affirmation that one can find in the IT eco-system:

  • no-code platforms are proliferating
  • the frameworks are polarizing
  • more and more services are externalized to remove road blocks

I am a software engineer and I consult companies in their projects. It is very important to me to empower in-house developers. It's very satisfying to create a library, an API or a SDK that they can use every day. It is incredibly valuable to set up processes and automation that makes developers feel safe to create new features or update existing ones or fix bugs.

At the opposite, every time a developer has a hard time using an API is my failure: I embrace it. UX designers empathize with users the same I do with developers.

I will write more about DevX (Developer Experience) in coming posts. As a teaser for you, here is a list of ideas I have in mind:

  • Let's define DevX
  • Making CI/CD configuration easy at my company
  • How to structure your next Angular Application
  • Why you should consider Angular over any other framework
  • Enter the deep mode
  • The survival guide for developers


Photo by Ryland Dean on Unsplash

Kevin Merckx

Kevin Merckx

Software Engineer, Real Full Stack Developer: from software architecture to development operations and programming.