tl8 3 is out

TL8 1 was a great proof of concept and proved to be useful. TL8 2 was a step to improve the user experience. TL8 3 is now available on and is bringing three new features:

  • the Markdown editor
  • the Full Editor
  • import & export of work in progress

Markdown Editor

The Markdown editor is feature that is coming handy for all Angular applications that use markdown to format the content of translation keys.

The Markdown Editor in action

Full Editor

The Full Editor enables users to go through translation keys of the entire application without navigating to the according views. Users can search for translations and use the tree view to easily find and edit translations.

Import & Export

The Import & Export of work in progress is a first step to support collaboration workflows. Users can now work on the same application in parallel and integrate each other's work into theirs. The workflow of import-export is made through "work-in-progress" TL8 files. One user can export their work, hand the .tl8 file to someone else who can import it and integrate the changes into theirs. The application lets you know about conflicts and gives the opportunity to users to pick which version they wish to keep.

The import workflow here letting the user resolving conflicts.

Design adjustments

Along with those 3 features, TL8 has been slightly redesigned: the sidebar now displays the language switch, the sidebar toggle and the switch from Live to Full Editor at the bottom.

What's coming next?

  • TL8 will soon move to the next level. A live collaboration is currently in Alpha. This should help users work on bigger projects as a team.
  • Getting a first version of an application translated to a new language should not be hard. TL8 will help achieve that.

Many thanks to Asset Ismagambetov and Fenja Ke├čler for the help and support to pull that new version.

Kevin Merckx

Kevin Merckx

Software Engineer, Real Full Stack Developer: from software architecture to development operations and programming.