TL8 goes React (Beta)

TL8 now supports React. I assumed it would not require any change in the TL8 application code and should only require me to write the React TL8 counterpart (the one that developers have to put in their React application). And I was happily surprised to be right!

TL8 is based on a home-made protocol that makes it talk to the Angular and React plugins. This protocol is framework agnostic. That is why making TL8 compatible with React was very straight-forward.

I have also made the TL8 React library 100% open-source and am planning to do the same for the Angular library. Several people asked me whether TL8 was open-source. It is partially open-source now.

tl8-react provides a translation system and the necessary pieces to be used with the TL8 application. It is available in Beta on NPM:

The latest TL8 application is available on and works out of the box with your React application.


Kevin Merckx

Kevin Merckx

Software Engineer, Real Full Stack Developer: from software architecture to development operations and programming.