TL8 0.0.10 is out

TL8 just reached an important milestone: the 10th version! What has been done since 0.0.1?

Improved User Experience

While using TL8 for a customer project, I realized that I wanted to know which translations were currently visible. I asked a UX designer who recommended to introduce a panel on the left that would display all the visible translations in the current view.

How TL8 looks like. An editor panel on the left, the browser on the right.
On the left the editor panel, on the right the browser.

Bug fixing

I fixed some bugs, of course. Software comes with bugs. That was expected.

Web application

I introduced a web version. The first versions of the TL8 application were only available as native applications. I thought that this could become a barrier that discourages users from trying TL8. TL8 is written with web technologies (Electron, Angular, HTML/CSS/JS). Converting it to a web application, available under, was very easy. I increased the conversion rate by almost 100%.

TL8 has been downloaded 50 times and the web app opened 50 times as well. 100 users. Version 0.0.10. Those numbers fit well together.


Kevin Merckx

Kevin Merckx

Software Engineer, Real Full Stack Developer: from software architecture to development operations and programming.